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PLATH Signal Products GmbH & Co. KG
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20097 Hamburg

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Authorised representatives:
Dr.-Ing. Ronald M. Meixner

HRB 163965 Amtsgericht Hamburg (District Court Hamburg)
Tax ID DE 338544918

Data Protection Officer:
(iaw. Management Agreement between PLATH Corporation GmbH and PLATH Signal Products GmbH & Co. KG, 23/02/2021)

PLATH Corporation GmbH
Data Protection Officer
Gotenstraße 18
20097 Hamburg

Phone +49 (0)40 237 34-0


The content of our homepage has been constructed with utmost carefulness. The PLATH Signal Products GmbH & Co. KG does not assume any guarantee for accuracy of statement, completeness, actuality or quality of the provided information.

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Any copying, distribution, adaption or any kind of use beyond the limits of copyright requires the written declaration of consent by PLATH GmbH.

As far as the content of these homepage has not been constructed solely by PLATH Signal Products GmbH & Co. KG, third-parties copyrights are noticed and identified.

By reason of solely naming it is not to conclude the trademark may not be subject of third-party rights.

The PLATH Signal Products GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to change, complement or delete contents of the entire website or parts without prior notice and suspend publications temporarily or finally.

The PLATH Signal Products GmbH & Co. KG points out that the data on the internet could have security gaps. A complete data protection against access by third parties is not possible.

Despite thorough surveillance PLATH Signal Products GmbH & Co. KG assumes no responsibility for the content of websites that are accessed via links in the course of using this site.

Only the respective operating companies are responsible for the content of attached and linked sites.

The PLATH Signal Products GmbH & Co. KG disassociates itself from all contents of attached or linked websites which are illegal or immoral.


If the user is a trader according to commercial law, the court of jurisdiction is Hamburg.

Applicable Law

PLATH Signal Products GmbH & Co. KG applies the German law excluding the UN-Convention of Contracts for the international sale of goods.


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