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This is the perfect, deeply integrated, pairing of receiver and analysis software from two PLATH Group companies, each leaders in their areas of expertise. The SIR 2115 from PLATH Signal Products is a receiver with an unparalleled hardware specification. go2MONITOR from PROCITEC is the acknowledged market leader for signal analysis and workflow automation.

COMintUNITY benefits


  • 4x your normal coherent bandwidth at 80 MHz (analogue and digital)
  • 50% to 100% increased interception range due to exceptionally low noise design <6dB to 8dB (spectrum dependent) for a minimum detectable signal of -137 dBm @ 1 KHz
  • greater insight using automatic demodulation and decoding
  • Signal on air
  • Sensor
  • DigitizationSIR 2115
  • Processing and viewinggo2MONITOR

Product Bundle Options

SIR 2115 receiver111
Processing channels
(over 80 MHz real-time spectrum)
Input bandwidth for wideband classification20 MHz20 MHz80 MHz (4x 20 MHz)
Wideband recordingnot available20 MHz20 MHz
ProcessingmanualAutomatic monitoring and tasking for fully automatic signal productionAutomatic monitoring and tasking for fully automatic signal production

Note: Antenna, cables and IT system are not included.

SIR 2115


The SIR 2115 is a highly advanced wideband monitoring receiver. It supports a coherent bandwidth of 80 MHz and covers 9 kHz – 3 (6) GHz. With its full RF spectrum support, extremely high-speed scan, digital wideband output, configurable narrowband receiver technology and market leading receiver fidelity and accuracy, the SIR 2115 is ideal for a range of different mission scenarios from manual to automatic interception in COMINT systems.

  • coherent bandwidth of 80 MHz (analogue and digital)
  • scan speed 100 GHz/s
  • excellent noise figure <6 dB typ. (20 – 1000 MHz); <8 dB typ. (1 – 3 GHz)
  • SFDR ≥90 dB (9 kHz – 20 MHz); ≥80 dB (20 – 3000 MHz)
  • minimum detectable signal -137 dBm @ 1 kHz
  • wideband IQ output
  • 20 narrowband DDC channels



go2MONITOR is a search, Wideband Multichannel Analysis & Decoding tool for HF /VHF /UHF /SHF Signals in tactical & strategic environments.

  • multiple wideband inputs (spectrogram, classifier, recording, DDC)
  • modular scalability from one channel to hundreds of channels
  • automated classification and production using an extensive decoder library
  • user-configurable automatic signal search with task-based control for processing, analysis and results
  • user-expandable decoder library via Decoder Description Language (DDL/pyDDL)
  • state-of-the-art GUI includes preset windows, drag & drop, and integrated station list.
  • for civil, tactical and strategic applications
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