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Big Data Analytics and Statistics

No analytical or statistical system can be effective in driving automation unless based upon a deep and wide dataset. We have decades of accumulated data on signal emissions and we have built software automation tools to apply to the COMINT challenge to assist you in Interception Automation. Put in perspective, when scanning the whole frequency range you need to process 22 Billion lines of data per hour from one direction finder. Automating the identification of signals of interest, including burst, hoppers or even low probability of intercept signals in a dense signal scenario is now possible.

This technology is available in DDA – Direction-Finding Data Analyser - both as a stand alone subsystem or as a software solution ready to integrate into your hardware design.

Understanding Interception Automation

In this online seminar we discuss the foundations needed for automation by applying big data techniques to HF spectrum analysis, explaining the techniques that underpin DDA in a COMINT context.

DDA – Big Data Analytics in Action

  • DDA is frequency independent and can analyze the full spectrum 0-6GHz continuously
  • Automated identification of
    - Hopping signals
    - Burst signals
    - Low Probability of Intercept signals
  • Enabled for remote operation
  • Drives operator efficiency as they focus on automatically identified Signals of Interest
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