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HF Dominance

Our COMINT Dominance in the HF Spectrum

In the late 20th century HF lost favour as digital and higher frequency services surged. However some communication critical sectors sustained HF use and we are now seeing a 21st century resurgence as lessons are being learned about the potential instability of the digital and/or UHF/SHF networks.

But many in COMINT lost their HF expertise - that unique understanding of the effects of atmospherics on HF signals, the cyclical nature of natural phenomena that impact signal integrity and many other factors. PLATH sustained its investment and built on its knowledge base. In todays market its all about depth of understanding of the spectrum and we believe we lead the pack and can accelerate and enhance your solutions in HF.

Understanding HF COMINT

In this online seminar we discuss the challenges and techniques to achieving effective COMINT in the HF spectrum, from data models to statistics value to signal processing and broadband denoising.

Broad range of HF solutions

  • Antenna, mobile, stationary & seaborne
  • Monitoring Receivers
  • Direction Finders
  • Real-Time analytics for Interception Automation
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